The Glen Cove After 3 Program has been around for over 10 years. The After 3 program is provided through the Glen Cove Youth Bureau organization. The After 3 program helps develop and strengthen the academic, social, and emotional needs of students within the after-school program as well as in the academic/recreation summer program. Our goal is for the students to progress through elementary and middle school, and experience success in school and in life. In addition to preparing for a successful and healthy future. The after-school program is offered to students in kindergarten through eighth grade. The program runs five days a week Monday through Friday. The program is in your child/children’s individual school, except for Gribbin and Deasy students.

The program hours are directly after school until 6:00 pm for Finley Middle School students, 6:10 pm for students in Connolly and Landing School, and 6:30 pm for students in Gribbin and Deasy School. The program offers a five-component meal provided by Long Island cares, homework assistance, several clubs such as cooking, art, soccer etc., and recreational time. The program also offers specials such as Positive Youth Development (PYD) and Substance Abuse Free Environment (S.A.F.E) as well as nutrition classes. Positive Youth Development (PYD) classes help build on youths strengths, provide emotional support, opportunities, help them achieve goals, and transition from one grade to the other. The Substance Abuse Free Environment (S.A.F.E) classes teaches students life skills. Life skills training focuses on self-management (analyzing problems and reducing stress and anxiety), general social skills (overcoming shyness and communication), drug resistance skills (resist pressure from others or media to use drugs). Our nutrition classes focus on healthy eating, using My plate, healthy recipes so the students can try at home with their families.

The Glen Cove After 3 Summer Program is a full-day program offered to students entering kindergarten through students entering ninth grade. The program focuses on academic enrichment as well as recreational activities. The program is offered Monday through Friday. Trips are offered every Friday. Our program was designed to help prevent the loss of learning over the summer. The academic enrichment activities are based on arts, literacy, and stream. The program offers academic enrichment in the morning and recreational activities in the afternoon. The academic enrichment focuses on strengthening and developing the student’s academic progress, for the student to have a smooth transition into the next school year. In the afternoon we offer recreational activities some of the activities are cooking, dance, music, sports, etc. The program also offers specials such as Positive Youth Development (PYD) and Substance Abuse Free Environment (S.A.F.E) as well as nutrition classes. Which are described in our afterschool program above.